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Professional Karaoke Jockey Services
Our Karaoke Catalogue consists of over 25,000 unique songs spanning all genres from classic rock, classic rock & roll and standards to current country, top 40 hits and the largest selection of Broadway/Showtunes and Soundtrack tracks in the GTA!! From a wide variety of Karaoke Track Producers including:
Our Standard Karaoke Package
  • Up to 5 hours of karaoke (not including set up and teardown time the 5 hours starts when you event does not from the time we arrive to leave we require 1.5 hours set up time to be sure everything is set up right and all sound checks are done to insure perfect sound right from the start of the your event though we may take short 5-10 minute breaks thought the night to ensure sound sounds as amazing at the end of the night as it did at the begining!! and up to 1 hour for proper tear down and packing of system after event or end of the karaoke show time)
  • Professional Karaoke Jockey
  • Laptop with 25,000 Plus unique songs (that's unique titles and not including duplicate versions for various Karaoke Producers)
  • Rotation Management Software
  • Acesonic  and Shure  wired mics for our singers
  • ProAudio Wireless Headsets for our Karaoke Jockeys 
  • Acesonic BDK-2000 Multiformat Blu-Ray Karaoke player. Plays back Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, CD+G, AVI, MKV, MP4, BIN, MP3, MP3+G and more with USB
  • acer Laptop with DJ software Virtual DJ8 and Karaoke Rotation Management software Karma by Karaosoft
  • Hercules CompactDJ Controller
  • Over 20,000 English Karaoke Tracks
  • Over 12,000 Bollywood Karaoke Tracks (Event Orginizer MUST inform Big Bang Karaoke they wish Bollywood Tracks before event as this is a FREE addon to our services)
  • 2 x 150 watt Yorkville Speakers + Stands
  • Yorkville M810 Series 2 10 channel 2 x 400 watt powered mixer
  • 1 Singer Video Monitor
  • 2 Wired Singer Mics (More Can Be provided at $3.00 per additional mic)
  • Songbooks
  • Request slips and pens
  • 1 Wireless KJ Mic (For Use by KJ ONLY)
  • Songbook and Request Kisok for paperless song requests (Venue MUST provide Wifi access for requests to be sent to KJ via the Kiosk, without wifi access Kisoks is a songbook catloug ONLY)
Standard Karaoke Package Fee is for Single one off Events: $225 .00
Terms and Conditions:

  1. For Karaoke Jockey Services ONLY DJ Can be arranged Big Bang Karaoke's Karaoke Jockey is not well versed in club style DJing with scratching and beat matching/mixing and freely admits it... if all you are looking for is someone to spin the tunes and blend music and entertain the crowd this can be arranged under Big Bang's Promotional Price, but for more club style (EDM/House/Trance/Trap/Etc.) mixing we contract out to other Jockeys who set their own prices on various factors, if you are looking for a more complete DJ Services please let us know and we will get you a quote based on a form most our contracted DJ Start at a $300 Minimum... They set their rates per event or per hour and have other charges and price points the Big Bang Karaoke it's self I.E. their additional time charge, travel fee etc..
  2. Does not include Weddings or events over 100 guests Contact us for quote.
  3. For venues with multi-step check-in' or security procedures and long hauls from the loading/unloading area to the event location. You MUST let us know in advance so that we can adjust out arrival and setup time according and there may be a slight surcharge depending on how complicated the check-in procedures are if they have to occur in various locations i.e. the security office is in a different location then the venue, if KJ has to travel between offices several times or there is a significant distance between the vehicle and setup locations.
  4. Payment by cheque must be made and processed before event. Due to bounced checks in the past.

Additional fees:
  1. $25.00 each additional hour or part thereof over the 5 hour base. We will not charge if final rotation starts before and goes up to 1/2 hour past end time last call for songs is up to half hour prior to scheduled end time depending on rotation size.
  2. $25.00 fee if event/venue falls outside of our regular service area (Brampton/Mississauga/Caledon/Toronto/Etobicoke)
  3. $5.00 processing fee for payment Via Credit Card all Fees are Cash Discounted
  4. $45.00 for any bounced or NSF returned cheques
  5. Upgrade packaged are charged as stated.
DJ Services
Big Bang Karaoke Services focuses on Karaoke and our KJ does not consider himself well versed in DJ culture or skills.
He freely admits these limitations… If you are looking for full professional DJ services we can provide them…

We contract to several local DJ’s who have more experience and skills in terms of Club Mixing and other skills… Unfortunately these DJ’s do not work cheap!!! All of our Karaoke Promotional Pricing DOES NOT APPLY TO DJ SERVICES. Our DJ’s set there own rates for services.
Each DJ that we have has there own style and specialty as well as their own equipment. Please fill out the DJ event form to be matched best with one of our DJ’s and we well get you information about them.

If you are looking for a DJ who can mix songs appropriately and keep the music spinning with no bells and whistles then your KJ can accommodate that… at the Basic package flat rate of $225.00 and MOST Promotional pricing.

This includes:

  •     DJ
  •     Laptop with Virtual DJ Software
  •     Digital Catalogue totalling over 50,00 unique songs (This catalogue has limited selection of Hip Hop, Trap, House, Trance and similar Genres.)
  •     2 x 150 watt Yorkville YX10 speakers and stands
  •    Yorkville M810 Series 2 800 (2x400 Watt) Watt 12 10 Channel mixer
  •    2 Wired mics for anouncments
  • 1 Wireless KJ mic (DJ USE ONLY)
  • Table and Drape
Basic Lighting Package:

  •     1 1000 Watt Fogger
  •     1 Mini LEG RGB Dome light
  •     1 RG Nebula Laser
  •     2 Small Strobes with Red Green or Blue filters
  •     Tri-Scanner RGB laser show
  •     Lighting 'T' Stand

Lighting and Sound Upgrades are available to view add on packages see here Scroll down the Event information form to find packages